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10 Ironclad Steps on How to Get More Nail Salon Customers

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Competition levels are high in the nail care business niche. But you need not let competition frighten you. We say, look at it as a challenge. After all, you are the best of the best and many of your clients will testify to that fact. But you do need to get more nail salon customers, and we are going to provide 10 ironclad steps to do so. If you follow these steps, you WILL get more nail salon customers.


Many of these steps will entail some investment. But, when you see the return on your investment, you will be delighted.


We suggest that you implement these steps as soon as possible and you will watch your client base grow in massive ways.


Get More Nail Salon Customers Step #1: Slogan And Sign


When you examine many of the nail salon signs on the front of businesses, it is quite common that they were not professionally designed.


Some nail salon owners assume this is a cost that they can “scrimp” on. But it is the first impression!


We suggest you have a bold and colorful sign made. Show off your beautiful nails and use bold fonts that are attractive. Add your phone number, website and social media pages.


And a catchy slogan!


Here at Vionic, we suggest you brainstorm with people you trust and love to find a slogan that will draw attention to your business and get you more nail salon customers.


Just think of some slogans you remember easily:


  • Have it your way!
  • Mmm, mmm good!
  • Just do it!


Here are a few tips in creating a slogan:


  1. Keep it short – 12 words or less is best.
  2. Make sure your slogan coincides with your brand and you personally.
  3. Focus on your nail salon’s benefits that others don’t have.
  4. Make sure your slogan can stand without further information. You don’t want people assuming it is another type of business, they should know it is a nail salon just by reading the slogan.
  5. Use words your target market uses.
  6. Ask for opinions. Use your social media and poll your followers. Give them a choice of 2, 3 or more slogans and discover what appeals to them.


Just remember, your sign and your slogan are the first impression… Make it a fantastic one!


Get More Nail Salon Customers Step #2: The 2nd Impression


We spoke about the first impression being your sign and slogan, but the 2nd impression also holds huge importance.


Here are a few questions you should answer:


  • If a potential customer peers through the window, what will they see? What impression will they get?
  • Does the outer appearance invite them in?
  • What will be the person’s reception upon entering?


Use empathy and put yourself in the position of that potential customer who has other nail salons they can choose from. Do everything possible to answer these questions that optimizes potential customer enticement.


Here are a few 2nd impression tips:


  • Have a comfortable waiting area. Make sure the lighting is good and the chairs are enjoyable to sit in. Provide free coffee, tea, etc… And keep up-to-date magazines and reading material. Also, a simple play area for children is a wise idea.
  • Treat every person that enters your nail salon as if they were a celebrity or royalty.
  • Have the interior of your nail salon business painted in happy colors.
  • You may consider having motivational posters or artwork.
  • Make sure your salon is always kept clean.
  • Last but not least, potential clients are going to look at your nails and those of your employees. Do they represent the high quality you provide?
  • Some beautiful plants and flowers are a great “happy” item.
  • You may consider a television with a DVD player that shows your clientele great nail care methods.


Most importantly, feel free to ask customers what would make their waiting experience better. Give them the opportunity to offer suggestions to make the experience better.


Get More Nail Salon Customers Step #3: Offer Other Services And Retail Products


This step can set your nail salon apart from many others. You may want to stock certain retail nail and personal care products that you know are great products.


By doing so, you can advertise the product line as well as nail service. When a customer visits for one or the other, the temptation to take advantage of the other product or service you offer will enter their minds.


You will want to find a wholesale supply agent who carries the product lines you love. Make sure that your markup is within reason. Keep in mind, if a person can buy the same product nearby at a lower cost, they will probably bypass your salon.


You may also want to consider offering other services. You could partner with another entrepreneur or add them to your skill list. Some ideas may be:


  • Masseuse
  • Facials
  • Ear piercing
  • etc…


By offering more, you will get more nail salon customers.


You may also want to consider product or service “bundles.”


Get More Nail Salon Customers Step #4: Stay Consistent


I suggest you examine competitors in your vicinity. What are their hours of operation? What days are they closed?


Use your findings in your favor. If the competition opens at 10 AM, you may open at 9 AM and stay open 1 hour longer. Open your nail salon on the days they are closed.


And most importantly, stay consistent!


If your sign says open at 9 AM, don’t be late. Consistency is important to maintain a customer base and add new customers. Remember, word of mouth advertising is the best advertising of all.


Consistency also goes with service quality. Make sure all employees are trained to your level of customer care.


Get More Nail Salon Customers Step #5: Over-Deliver


If you consistently over-deliver on what the client ordered, you will see a dramatic increase in customers.


“Joan, those nails look amazing!”


“Yes Gloria… I am so happy with ____ nail salon. She not only did this fantastic job, I received a free foot massage on top of it. They do that with all their customers.”


Again, word of mouth… Odds are that Joan will be a new customer of your nail salon as well as other people Joan refers.


It doesn’t have to be much, but just give customers a little more than what they paid for.


Get More Nail Salon Customers Step #6: Follow Up


We suggest that you get contact information from all your nail salon customers:


  • email
  • phone
  • address


Follow up with new clients to ensure they are happy with the nail work you did. Ask if they have any questions and thank them for their business.


Not many businesses use this approach so by doing so, you are setting your business apart.


You may also want to follow up with past clients who haven’t visited in awhile. Tell them you miss them and was wondering if there was any particular reason they have not visited lately.


Tell them of any specials you are offering or any new products or services.


If they seem cold, just ask if there is anything you could change to make their customer experience better.


Don’t beg, just let them know you value their business.


You may also consider mailing your customers cards on special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, etc…


Get More Nail Salon Customers Step #7: Give Loyalty Rewards


Many businesses have discovered overwhelming success with loyalty rewards. When potential customers see that they can get 5 free nails after purchasing 30, you WILL see an influx of new customers.


Let’s face it… Consumers like to know that if they are loyal to a business, that business will also be loyal and will reward them. Airlines, hotels and even fast food restaurants use loyalty rewards. It only makes good sense that your nail salon does the same.


Get More Nail Salon Customers Step #8: Get Before And After Testimonials


If you just ask, many of your nail salon clients will be willing to give testimonies and take before and after pictures so you can share them on your website or social media.


You can also use these before and after pictures in paid advertising.


Statistics show that before and after images do work for getting more customers.


Many of these before and after testimonials and images can be used in step #10 below.


Get More Nail Salon Customers Step #9: Network And Partner With Businesses That Attract Your Target Market


It can be a huge benefit if you network with other business owners that attract the same target market you are seeking. It could be:


  • Hair salons
  • Fashion studios
  • Women’s shoe stores
  • Possibly, day care?


Just see if there is a possibility of you working together by advertising, referring and promoting the others business.


This is an excellent method to help each other get more customers.


Get More Nail Salon Customers Step #10: Utilize Social Media


When it comes to getting more nail salon customers, social media can play a huge part in boosting your business big time.


We suggest you create a nail salon business account at sites such as


  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • Twitter
  • Linkedin
  • and Facebook absolutely!


With Instagram and Pinterest, show off your work and link back to your nail salon website.


You can do the same with Twitter and Linkedin.


You may even consider running special discounts for new followers.


You may want to consider paid advertising, but you want to ensure that only people who are located in your general vicinity see those ads. It really wouldn’t make much sense having people in New York City see your Facebook ad if your business is in Phoenix, Arizona.


Does this all seem time consuming?


We understand… You are spending a lot of time ensuring your customers are extremely happy when they leave your nail salon.


Managing social media can be quite time consuming. But it is a great method to get more nail salon customers.


Here at Vionic, we can help you manage this part of marketing your nail salon business. Vionic is managed by highly experienced marketing professionals and we can help you get more nail salon customers.


We can use methods such as:


  • Daily deals and offers
  • Polls
  • Coupons
  • Photo contests
  • and even Sweepstakes


Simply put, you choose the marketing method you believe will work best for your nail salon business. The system is completely automated and simple to use.


We are able to do all of this using Facebook and businesses who have tried to market on Facebook themselves and failed have used Vionic and discovered that our system does drive customers to their business.


Just see for yourself what Vionic can do to get more nail salon customers for your business here.


Join in with the other businesses trusting Vionic to enliven their customer base.




We hope this post helps you grow your nail salon business to huge proportions. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask.


No matter where your nail salon is located, you can get more customers. It just takes some strategic moves to do so.


To help you just a bit more, you should click and get The Ultimate 10 Step Guide To Tripling Sales Using Facebook.


Thank you and will you please share this with your social friends. They may need the tips too.


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