Apr 23
Superbowl Commercials

EPIC 2014 Superbowl Commercials You’ve Got To See

Written by Chanel Castro

Americans everywhere are gearing up for Superbowl Sunday. Beer, pizza, wings…did I mention beer?

Whether you’re rooting for the Seattle Seahawks or the Denver Broncos, no fan is going to be as shattered or embarrassed if the Seahawks don’t claim the NFC throne as extreme fan Tim Connors, who recently got a Seahawks tattoo with the words “XLVIII Champs.” Talk about having your skin in the game!

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Superbowl 2014

Amidst the roaring cheers and spilt drinks, football fans can come together to share some laughs and maybe even some tears for the 2014 Superbowl commercials.

Check out some of our favorite Superbowl commercials and teasers below!

Dannon spokesman John Stamos reunites with Full House castmates for Oikos Greek yogurt commercial. Have mercy!

Nestle put a humorous spin on upcoming product Butterfinger peanut butter cups. Yup, you read it right. Don’t lay a finger on my Butterfinger…peanut butter cups. Catchphrase might need a little work, but we’ll still try it!

This Volkswagen teaser took the route of creating a commercial within a commercial about making a great Volkswagen commercial. Confusing, but who cares? It has adorable puppies, mild violence and Carmen Electra dancing in a red, skintight dress. Enjoy!

Jaguar’s sneak peak to the “British Villains” commercial sparks curiosity. What’re you up to Loki?

AXE is usually known for racy commercials, but the message they are trying to get across is a little different this time. For new line AXE Peace, they’ve taken the strategy of tugging at your heartstrings, rather than your hormones. “Make love, not war.”

Superbowl commercials are an epic way to kick off your company’s marketing campaign. According to USA Today, “top media buyers estimate that some 30-second slots sold upwards of $4 million.” Oh, sorry? Did you not have an extra $4M lying around?

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