Jun 20

4 Considerations When Promoting Your Business on Social

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These days, social media is an invaluable must-have for growing your business. The opportunities for increasing brand awareness through strategic social campaigns are boundless, especially if you are taking the steps to ensure your message is hitting the right audience through appropriate channels. Business owners need to be focusing on creating an engaging online presence but often times get lost in the details. However, below are four questions to ask yourself when it comes to promoting your business through social media.

Are You Consistent?

How many of you have created a social media profile, posted a few times and then let the account fall to the wayside? If this sounds like you, then you need to step-up your game. Posting consistently to your social accounts will keep your fans and followers engaged with your message, more familiar with your brand and help you establish your voice. Simply taking 15 minutes in the beginning of the week to plan your posts will help to get you in the habit of being consistent when it comes to communicating with your followers. Additionally, utilizing free online tools like social media schedulers will help to keep you on track with regular posting across all of your platforms.

Are You Using the Right Platforms to Reach Your Target Audience?

pexels-photo-267399While some may advocate for using several social media accounts to reach both new and current customers, business owners often face time and resource roadblocks when it comes to managing multiple platforms. Consider your target audience — what is the average age, what are their interests — then do some research. What platform caters most to these parameters? As an example, you don’t need to be on Snapchat if your audience is 35+ nor should you be focusing your ad budget on platforms that don’t serve your purpose or your customers. Maintaining focus on a few social platforms will ultimately move you in the right direction when it comes to hitting your marketing goals, gaining more followers and customers, and growing your brand awareness.

Do Your Social Posts Align With Your Business Goals?

Establishing a voice and brand identity through social media goes way beyond simple vanity metrics such as page followers and likes. Posting content for the sake of getting attention may get you likes and engagement but ask yourself if it is helping to promote your brand message as it relates to your business goals. Maintaining a consistent message about who your brand is and what you can offer will help your customers make the connection to your business and their needs. Reinforcing this relationship with a focused content plan will help you achieve this.

Does Your Content Establish Market Validity?

 pexels-photo-262508Following up on the third topic, your content should always align with your business goals. This means that sometimes you have to post content that may not be as popular or fun as other posts— examples being customer testimonials or informative blog posts. Content that is purely business-related helps to establish market validity and trust with both current and future customers.


Social media should be an integral piece of your marketing strategy when it comes to promoting your business, gaining new customers, and increasing your brand awareness. Follow our Facebook page for all of the latest news on how Vionic can help you along the way!

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