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9 Secrets on How to Rapidly Grow a Yoga Studio Even in a Competitive Market

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Over the past decade, Yoga has become exceedingly popular. Practicing Yoga has been a major source of relief for many people with stress and anxiety. Yoga is an ancient art originating from Eastern cultures. Similarly to martial arts, many Westerners have adopted the traditions by both practicing and teaching Yoga.

There have been many Yoga studios “springing to life” in towns and cities across the United States. The competition is growing rapidly which has prompted Yoga teachers everywhere to ask the question, “How should I grow my Yoga studio business?”.

It may seem impossible to make space in an industry where competition seems to be outrageously heavy, I need to tell you to stay calm. There are plenty of Yoga students to go around.

I know I need not preach calmness and serenity to you, the Yoga teacher. Maybe your Yoga studio business is on a slow motion roll right now, but here at Vionic, we want to help and teach you how to rapidly grow a Yoga studio business no matter how competitive the market is.

Here are 9 secrets:

Grow A Yoga Studio Business Secret #1: Passion

Let’s face it, if you are passionate about what you do your efforts will flourish.

The gardener who is passionate about his/her plants has a magnificent display.

A child who is passionate about a certain subject in school normally achieves fantastic grades in that area.

Passion makes the world spin.

So if you know you are passionate about your career and your Yoga studio, your excitement will create a bright aura and customers will be drawn to that aura.

So no matter what the circumstances are, don’t lose your passion for Yoga and you will grow your Yoga studio business.

Grow A Yoga Studio Business Secret #2: The 1st Impression

So what will a potential client think when they see your business sign and your slogan? Will they be impressed or will it just be another passing advertisement?

This is an area that many entrepreneurs think they can “cut some costs.”

In my opinion, this is the last area any business owner should ever cut costs on. Your Yoga Studio business sign is the 1st impression that a person will get. You should go to great extents to ensure that your business sign is attractive, inviting and exciting.

You may consider a high-quality image of a Yoga pose or class. Use an eye-friendly font that is large and easy to read. You should also have a contact phone number, website, and social media listed.

And consider a short and catchy slogan.

A slogan should stand alone meaning, if a person reads just the slogan, they will know what the business is about.

Grow A Yoga Studio Business Secret #3: Keep It Ethical

Your integrity and honesty will take you a long way in any business. Make sure all your Yoga business relationships are completely honest and ethical and your reputation will follow you.

Word of mouth is one of the most powerful advertising mediums and when a business owner follows ethical principles, people will tell other people about the upstanding Yoga business you runs.

But that also works on the flip-side too. If a business owner is using dishonest or unethical means to attain more business or higher profits, they will be discovered and that word of mouth advertising will harm the business.

Grow A Yoga Studio Business Secret #4: Tell Your Story

Everyone likes to hear or read a story.

Where were you raised?

What are your interests?

Why did you start a Yoga studio business?

These are just a few ideas you can consider when creating your story.

Do not assume that your story will be boring… Tell it, and let the readers determine their opinion.

What may surprise you is how many people relate to your story. They see how passionate you are about Yoga and how it has helped you. They become clients and your Yoga studio business grows.

Yes, telling a story can and will grow a Yoga studio business.

Grow A Yoga Studio Business Secret #5: Educate

More than likely you already have a website/blog for your Yoga studio business. If you don’t, I highly recommend that you do invest in one.

Fact of the matter is, many people looking for Yoga studios in your area will use a search engine like Google. If you have a website properly optimized, it will come up.

On your blog, you should educate readers. You could teach:

Yoga poses

Meditation techniques

Breathing exercises

And much more

As you educate your readers via blog posts, you will gain their respect and trust. And as they start considering joining a Yoga studio, they will start with the one they trust… You!

You can also use other methods to educate too that will bring attention to your Yoga studio business:

You can make videos or even DVDs you could sell.

Some people have written and published ebooks on the subject matter with great success.

And you could go as far as developing short online Yoga courses.

Believe me, as you educate people, your Yoga studio business will grow with more clients and profits.

Grow A Yoga Studio Business Secret #6: Involve Your Current Clients

If you make your current client base a community, a club, or even better, a family, you will give the sense they have ownership in the company too.

Know all your clients by their first name. Ask about their family. Grow a community!

By doing so, you will enj the y great word of mouth advertising as they tell their friends and family about the wonderful experience they have at your Yoga studio.

You also may want to consider loyalty rewards or discounts for referring new clients.

The second part of this is to ask your current clients what they would like to see more of or have when they visit your Yoga studio. You can use your client’s suggestions to implement new courses or add other products.

By listening to the customers, you just can’t lose.

Grow A Yoga Studio Business Secret #7: Create Optimal Class Schedules

This secret may take some various testing and I also suggest listening to advice from current or potential Yoga clients.

You want to set up class times that draw the highest percentages of students. You also will want to be consistent with your class times.

You may even want to consider running offsetting times on different days.

Consider your target clients on the class schedules. If you are running a day time Yoga class, you may get elderly or work at home moms.

You may want to also consider the working class, and schedule a class later in the day at 4 or 5 PM.

Again, you will want to test various times and schedules to find which works best in your location.

I want to add that instituting occasional workshops and Yoga training sessions outside normal class times. Workshops such as these can be a great way to let people in your local area about your Yoga studio business. You may even consider offering these outside your studio like in a park or other public venue.

Not only are you helping the people taking the workshop, people just passing by will see the wonderful opportunity you present, so make sure you have a noticeable banner much like the sign outside your Yoga studio.

Private Classes?

Another area you may consider is offering private, one-on-one Yoga classes. Normally, you can charge slightly higher rates and by offering this benefit, you are doing something a large percentage of your competitors don’t or won’t do.

Grow A Yoga Studio Business Secret #8: Seek Assistance And/Or Delegate

As a Yoga studio business owner, you have many hats to wear. You may not have the means to hire others yet. I understand. You are:

Opening the business

Managing the books

Managing your website and social media

Creating advertising

Giving the classes

and much more

Not to mention, chores at home.

At times, it may seem overwhelming and that is why you should ask for help where you need it the most.

Maybe you cannot afford to hire another Yoga teacher yet, but it may be wise to contract a freelance professional to keep your books straight, to manage your blog and social media.

There are some great freelance agents who can develop top of the line advertising.

Essentially, what I am saying is you should seek help wherever you can. If you focus on the revenue developing parts of the business and delegate the tasks that need to be done, you will find your Yoga studio business running smoother and you will be prepared for the huge influx of new customers you will get.

And, that leads me to the last secret that, if used properly, will grow a Yoga studio business quite rapidly.

Grow A Yoga Studio Business Secret #9: Social Media

I have mentioned social media several times in this post as a means to grow your Yoga studio business.

Maybe you have overheard other business owners say that using social media to promote their business didn’t work. Well I am here to tell you they were probably right because they did not use social media properly.

As an expert in social media marketing, I know that it DOES work but it must be consistent, persistent and as I said in secret #1, full of your passion.

But how can you have the time to consistently post in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin or any of the other social media sites?

Make sure that you do not spread yourself or your business too thin. Master your business growth in one social media platform before you use another. That is where many business owners have problems; they try to manage several social business sites and lose their consistency.

The second part of this takes us back to secret #8… Get assistance.

To remind you, I along with my colleagues here at Vionic are experts at engaging and attracting potential customers and clients on social media. We have helped other small businesses rapidly grow their customer base. We would be happy to help grow your Yoga studio business using our huge social media data base.

You can run various promotions and it all is automated and simple to set up. You might consider

Daily deals

Coupons available only through your promotion

Generate new customers using sweepstakes

Run photo contests (best yoga pose?)

Have various polls

You can even accept donations to support charities or causes

Vionic can help you increase your Yoga studio fan base which will rapidly grow your Yoga studio business.

Just check out some of the other small businesses that have benefited from Vionic’s deal maker system by clicking here.


I want to thank you for the wonderful help you are providing. Many do not yet realize it, but Yoga is helping many people live healthier. Just the fact that Yoga helps people manage stress and anxiety means so much to not only their health, but also their families, coworkers and others.

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All I ask is that you please share this with your social media friends. You can do that with the buttons below.

Thank you and have a great day!

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