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Email Marketing Business Tips

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Did you know that one of the most overlooked, yet effective strategies to promote offers and discounts is through email marketing?

Not only does this draw more eyes to your newest deal, but it is also a powerful way to build a foundation for creating lasting relationships with your customer community!

According to the Direct Marketing Association, “It’s what you use when you want to move from conversation to commerce.”

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Consider these tips before implementing email marketing within your business:

  1. Signing up should be a piece of cake! If you make it too complicated or confusing, it could be distracting and stray away potential customers. It should be short, simple and fast to subscribe!
  2. People want to be in the loop before they join the club! What exactly will they be expecting from your newsletter/email marketing series? You want to give as much exciting, yet detailed information as possible, so they can feel that they are truly taking advantage of an investing opportunity!
  3. Make it easy to share with others! Your offers and discounts are VALUABLE! You want your readers to encourage others to join in on the awesome deals! When a customers refers a friend by sharing links to your deals, you can offer them special discounts when that friend makes a purchase.
  4. Say no to SPAM! Respect your readers enough to know that they do not need a new email every few hours. Not only is it overwhelming, but it is a huge turn off that will send potential customers straight to the Unsubscribe button!
  5. Be mobile friendly! People are constantly on their phones, iPads or tablets, so your readers should be able to purchase your deals right from their mobile device! If people have difficulty buying right then and there, they may totally forget about your deal by the time they reach their desktop! Vionic’s mobile-friendly social deals platform is a great solution to cater to customers.

A company newsletter is a great email marketing strategy to incorporate — immediately! With a strong and organized content approach, your emails can be extremely powerful tools to increase brand awareness and sales.

Let us know how email marketing has worked for you? Do you have any tips of your own? Share with us in comments below!


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