How to Reach Your Target Audience on Facebook & Sell Way, Way More
Jul 14

How to Reach Your Target Audience on Facebook & Sell Way, Way More

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As you are out in public, take a moment away from your smartphone and study the other people around you.


What are they doing?


You will probably notice at least 70% of those people on their smartphones or tablet. And of that 70%, I would predict 50% are looking at Facebook.


Were you looking at Facebook too?


Or maybe you were chatting with your team members on how to grab the attention of your target market.


Guess what?


You have your answer as you are studying the people around you. You can, and should reach your target audience on Facebook. Just consider the sales revenues when you post that tremendous bargain to a Facebook audience just itching to spend their money on your products or services.


You are in for a special treat today!


We are going to give you the blueprint on how to reach your target audience on Facebook and send your sales into overdrive.


So read this post carefully so you can get the most out of the important information we’re putting out here.


The Error Many Businesses and Entrepreneurs are Making on Facebook


If you were to analyze the businesses on Facebook who are attempting to attract customers, they are not focused on any certain persona. They are “throwing out” ads and posts just hoping for a click.


You could equate this to the amateur fisherman who just grabs a lure and throws it anywhere in the lake hoping for that big fish to see it or hear it. And the key word is hoping.


The professional fisherman may be in the same lake but he/she knows the best lure, the best area and the best time. He/she measures all past statistics and instead of hoping, he/she knows they WILL catch a fish. And some fisherman even cast multiple lines, knowing that at least one will hit.


I would say that a big percentage of businesses on Facebook are just hoping.


Follow the tips ahead and you WILL generate more leads and as a result more sales!


Reach Your Target Audience On Facebook By Creating A Business Page


You need to have a Facebook business page. If you haven’t already done so, just go to create a page and fill out the information.


I suggest having your logo as your business profile picture. And, use a header image that is enticing.


Make sure everything is first class in terms of design as well.


Depending on your business venue, it’s best to use either Public Figure or Company as a setting.


Reach Your Target Audience On Facebook By Determining Customer Personas


You want to write down everything you can about your ideal customers.


  • What is their age range?
  • Where do they live?
  • And their gender?
  • What is their average income?
  • Etc…


We suggest a brainstorming session with your team. You want to get all the information you can about your ideal customer because you will use this information to reach them on Facebook.


Reach Your Target Audience On Facebook By Speaking Your Ideal Customer’s Language


You now want to dive into the lives, habits, and language of your ideal customer. Again, brainstorming is a great way to discover these things. Everyone has someone in their friends or family list who probably “fits” as the ideal customer.


Some of the areas you may want to consider are:


  • Sleeping hours
  • Working hours
  • When they get on Facebook
  • What they eat and drink
  • Where do they live
  • What do they like
  • How old are they
  • What’s their ethnicity
  • What’s their income
  • What’s their education level
  • Etc…


You want to know what makes them “tick;” what makes them laugh, cry or angers them?


Some of this will be discovered as you go, so you will want to keep good records of these people from Facebook.


Reach Your Target Audience On Facebook By Posting On A Regular Basis


You will want to post valuable content that is geared toward your ideal customer.


If you have done your research, you will have a good sense when your target audience is on Facebook, so post at those times and keep track of results.


You may want to perform some A/B split testing and see what times give better interaction.


Reach Your Target Audience On Facebook By Interacting With Your Audience


It has been proven that the businesses that consistently interact with their followers on Facebook generate higher sales.


When a person responds by liking or commenting on one of your Facebook posts, it pays to respond.


ALWAYS answer comments!


In fact, if you have a good admin on hand you can even have them answer comments!


When someone likes a post, a great method is to comment with something like (tag each person who liked) – I see you liked this post… I have more on this subject at LINK.


Believe me, these people have already demonstrated their interest in the subject, so a high percentage will click and leave Facebook to your website where you are taking them into your sales funnel.


Okay, I know that some entrepreneurs are thinking about time consumption in doing this. You could hire an employee or a virtual assistant.


Or Vionic can help you with this process and even let you keep most of the profit!


Reach Your Target Audience On Facebook By Studying Your Competitors


A great way to find where, when and how your target audience is reacting is by researching your competition. Look at their posts and see when your primary customer is interacting.


It also helps if you join the same groups and communities as the competition.


Reach Your Target Audience On Facebook By Creating A Facebook Group


Not only should you join the groups your competition is joining, you may want to consider creating a group.


This group need not mention your business name; it should be geared completely to your target customer.


Just as an example, let’s say you own a self-defense shop and training center in an area that has a high percentage of recently retired people.


You could start a group like Karate Grandma and Grandpa or something on those lines.


Facebook Ads



Now, let’s dive into the area of running ads to reach your target audience on Facebook. You want those ads attracting the ideal customer, so it makes no sense having it appear to people who are not in that target audience.


In these tips, let’s keep using the self-defense shop example.


Reach Your Target Audience On Facebook By Using Newsfeed Ads


When you create a Facebook ad, you will have 2 choices immediately:


  1. Sidebar ads
  2. Newsfeed ads


Newsfeed ads are the most successful. So we suggest you use Newsfeed ads.


Reach Your Target Audience On Facebook By Using Targeting Options


When you create an ad on Facebook, you have the ability to narrow down the audience that will see your ad and have the opportunity to click through.


We suggest you move slowly and choose a tight demographic range.


Using the self-defense example, you might target:


  • a local area. It makes no sense having the ad shown to people who are not within a 100-mile radius.
  • make it available to both men and women in the age range of 50+.
  • add interests in self-defense, safety, crime victims, etc…
  • check for those people who have looked into self-defense pages or safety pages.


Do look at the graph Facebook provides that shows how many people your ad could potentially reach.


A broad ad will show to more people but will that truly benefit your sales? Narrow it down and watch results. You can make adjustments as you move forward.


You can also target people who already are your fans or you can leave them out if you are seeking more Facebook page fans.


Reach Your Target Audience On Facebook By Making Ads Directed To The Person…


Learn from those billboards you see everywhere from huge corporate entities. The best ads are not geared to the business or even the product, they are directed right at the potential customer.


Using the example, you could show an elderly couple dressed in ninja outfits with text that says: We Can Defend Ourselves And You Can Too – Just Click Here To See How!


You are directing it to elderly people and defense without even mentioning the service or the business.


When they click, you can take them anywhere:


  • Your Facebook group
  • A capture page
  • Or your blog


Reach Your Target Audience On Facebook By Offering Exclusive, Short Time Offers


Making exclusive offers to your Facebook fans is an excellent method of creating a huge influx of fans.


You could offer a special percentage off, a buy one get one free or even free information that has great upgrades the customer will want to add.


What normally happens when you make exclusive offers for Facebook fans is referrals. Your fans will tell their friends and family and you will see amazing things happen. 100 fans becomes 500 fans or followers. 500 followers becomes 2,000 fans and a high percentage will become customers.


Reach Your Target Audience On Facebook By Learning Where Your Audience Goes For Answers And What Influencers They Follow


It is another time-consuming task, but it can turn your Facebook posts into viral content that will create sales revenues.


Just going to each of your followers’ pages and learning where they go for answers and who the influencers are they follow can give you strong material to post in the future.


Let’s just say that you discover 85% of your fans also follow Brian Tracy, Oprah or Zig Ziglar.


So you could develop a post with quotes from one of those people and a call to action that sends the person to your blog/website and into your sales funnel.


Yes it takes time and at Vionic, we can help.


Reach Your Target Audience On Facebook By Using Images And/Or Videos That Reflect Their Attitude, Moods and Emotions


This is another zone you want to study about your followers and fans. What images seem to grab their attention? Is it cute kittens, nature, or possibly extreme art?


And videos; do they like videos that are humorous, sad or create a sense of excitement?


Use these findings to add images and videos to your posts that reflect the primary attitudes, emotions, and moods of your target audience.


Reach Your Target Audience On Facebook By Asking A Simple Question


We have discovered that sometimes less is best.


If you are seeking comments so you can delve further into the minds of your audience, just post a simple question.


“What was the last self-defense book you read?”


The key to this is being prepared to immediately interact with the people who answer your question.


“Oh yes, that is a great book! As a matter of fact, we developed a DVD on that same subject that is on sale right now at (link).


You may think that is a lot of work to get one customer but you must consider that many other people will read those comments and will immediately trust your company because of your willingness to “help” that one person who commented.


You may be amazed as to how many sales you get off that 1 link you put in your response.




Don’t listen to the naysayers who state that Facebook doesn’t help business revenues. If managed properly, you can get massive sales using the social media giant. Most businesses don’t make money on Facebook simply for the reason that they don’t understand it.


You cannot, as they say, throw mud against a wall and see how much sticks.


By following these tips and measuring the results, you will see amazing things happen.


Be sure and come back and let us know how things go and feel free to share this with your network on social media if it helped!


Oh, and by the way…


Don’t forget to check out our new eBook, The Ultimate 10 Step Guide To Tripling Sales Using Facebook we are giving out for free. Just sign up here and it will be delivered to your email in a Vionic minute!

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