How to Start a Business Page on Facebook
Aug 10

How to Start a Business Page on Facebook

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Now more than ever, if any business does not have a Facebook page they are considered antiquated. The fact is, they are probably leaving money on the table. Just consider these stats:

There are over 1.94 Billion monthly active Facebook users around the world.

And there are over 1.1 Billion daily Facebook users on mobile devices.

Over 1.2 Billion users log in daily to Facebook.

Now no matter what line of business you are in, it only makes good sense to have a business Facebook page.

But what if you’re thinking to yourself: “I don’t know how to start a business Facebook page…”

Don’t worry, we at Vionic totally understand. And no, we won’t charge to show you how to start a business Facebook page.

Let’s walk step by step through it so you can get your business Facebook page up and running.

How To Start A Business Facebook Page Step #1: Create An Account

To start a business Facebook page, you must first have a personal Facebook account.

Thinking: “But I don’t want to mix my personal life with my business…”

Not many business owners do. Don’t worry, your Facebook business page will be completely separate from your personal account. No one looking at your business page will see what is happening on your personal page and vice versa.

All you need to enter to set up a personal account is:

Your first and last name

Your mobile # or email

A password

Your birthday

And if you are male or female

It is that simple. From there you can do what you like with your personal profile page.

How To Start A Business Facebook Page Step #2: Create Your Page

At this point, you will log in to your personal account.

In the upper right hand corner, there is a drop down menu and you will find many choices.

Choose create page.

Now, Facebook will ask you to choose the category your business fits in:

Local business or place

Company, organization or institution

Brand or product

Artist, band or public figure


Cause or community

Maybe your business would fit into more than one, but choose the one that makes the most sense. We personally like “Local business or place” for most small businesses, especially if your customers are all local.

How To Start A Business Facebook Page Step #3: Enter Business Information

The Facebook system will now request information about your business…

Categories – Choose up to 3 categories that best represent your business. Our Vionic page is listed as Internet Company and Business Service.

Description – In 155 characters or less, you must describe your company. Make it to the point and succinct.

Website – You want to enter your website address so visitors can click and go directly to your website.

Verification – Lastly, Facebook will ask you two yes or no questions; 1) Is (business name) a real establishment, business or venue? And, 2) Will (business name) be the authorized and official representation of this establishment, business or venue on Facebook?

How To Start A Business Facebook Page Step #4: Upload A Profile Picture

You must realize that your business profile picture represents the first impression Facebook users will see.

Use some empathy. Put yourself in the Facebook user’s eyes; ask what would you think of the image before you publish it? Spend the little bit of extra money to have a professional do the graphics, it’ll be well worth it.

Now that you have that in your thought process, you must choose the profile picture that will best represent your business. Some options to consider are:

Your logo

One of your creations

A product

A happy customer


I mentioned happy customer; just know that using a photo of any person requires their signed permission.

Whatever profile picture you choose, make sure it is professionally done. You do not want it blurry. It needs to be high resolution and 180 x 180 pixels.

DO NOT put contact info in that image. First, it is against Facebook terms and second, it looks tacky.

How To Start A Business Facebook Page Step #5: Facebook Prompts

Facebook will now prompt you to add your business page to your favorites. I suggest you do so as it will give you a quick link from your personal Facebook homepage.

The other prompt Facebook will now give is to claim any pages that are similar to the page you are creating. They do this in case there was already a business page set up for your business and you forgot or it was created by someone else.

If you purchased a business from another entrepreneur, there is a chance that a page was already created. So look through these closely and if you discover that a Facebook page already exists, you won’t want to create a new one.

How To Start A Business Facebook Page Step #6: Choose Your Target Audience

The next task is deciding who is the target audience for your business. If you are a business that operates in a brick and mortar storefront, you will want the location set for your locale.

Let’s say you have a Karate Training Center in Des Moines, Iowa. You told Facebook your location in step 3, now you just tell the system to target people within a certain distance of Des Moines. But if you have an online store that ships to various countries, you will want to list the countries.

Other particulars you can add are:

The age ranges


You can add interests but be cautious here as many Facebook users do not say their interests and you will substantially reduce the users who see your page.


How To Start A Business Facebook Page Step #7: Cover Photo

You will also want to add a cover image. Now this will only be viewed by Facebook users who actually go to your page. It will be a much larger image. It needs to be 850 x 315 pixels.

Again, just consider page visitors. Make it appealing. Have an image that represents your business or the problems it solves.

I also suggest changing that cover picture on an occasional basis. This creates the impression you are always evolving.

How To Start A Business Facebook Page Step #8: Added Information

You want to give Facebook users as much information as possible. Add these:

Hours of Operation: If you have a storefront, let people know when you are open. For online stores, you could put 24/7.

Price Ranges: Facebook has the option of adding 1 to 4 dollar signs.

Services or Products: You can put the product or service, the description, price and even a photo.

How To Start A Business Facebook Page Step #9: Add A Call To Action Button

And last but not least, you can choose one of the call to action buttons Facebook developed for businesses. You can link this button to specific pages on your website to drive traffic to it.

The buttons that Facebook offers are:

Send message

Book now

Contact us

or Call now

How To Start A Business Facebook Page Step #10: Get Your Business Vanity URL

Facebook will assign your business page with a random number. You will want to visit this link and change it to your business name if possible or something close. You now have a live business Facebook page!

I suggest you post some content. You should then invite all of your Facebook friends to like your new business page. Having some likes will draw some attention to your business page on Facebook.

Here Are Some Important Tips About Your Facebook Business Page:

Keep in mind that you need to set a plan to consistently monitor your Facebook business page. If managed properly, you can generate revenue from Facebook.

Respond to messages quickly.

Facebook keeps track of your response time to messages on your Facebook business page. If you have an average response time of 15 minutes over the last 7 days and a response rate of 90%, your business page will be given a badge that says ‘Very Responsive To Messages’.

Add milestones.

Did your business add a new product, win an award or break a record? Just go to Timeline – Offer, Event+ and click milestone and describe it. These will show in the business timeline and in your business about tab.

When should you post Facebook content?

While there are no absolutes on when the best times you should post content, some studies have been done by various marketers. Some of their findings show:

The best day and time to post is 3 PM on Wednesday.

Other good posting times and days are 12 to 1 PM on Saturdays and Sundays, and 1 to 4 PM on Thursdays and Fridays.

Post your best.

Make sure your Facebook audience is seeing your best blog posts. Make sure it is educational and valuable. Plus, when you receive comments, be sure and respond. Engaging your fans will keep them coming back.

Post visual content.

Images and videos are a huge favorite on Facebook. So appeal to the visual appeal by posting with photos and videos often.

Make sure all your posts have an image.

Delete the URL.

Once you paste the URL and Facebook fetches the preview, delete that long URL from the text box. It will be more pleasing to the eyes.

Pin posts at the top.

If you have a very important post and do not want new posts sending it down the page, just click the small arrow in the upper right hand of the post and select pin to top. That will leave that post there until you undo the pin.

Manage Facebook business page tabs.

Your Facebook business page has only 4 tabs by default but you have the ability to add or delete tabs. Just go in the more tab, click manage tabs and click the tabs you want to add.

To manage those tabs, just click manage tabs to edit all you want.

How To Start A Business Facebook Page – Conclusion

If you want to take your business to the next level, having a business Facebook page is imperative.

If you were to ask many people where they first search for businesses now, you will hear Facebook. Yes, people still search Google, but the wise business owner has their presence in both locations.

We have been helping small businesses move their Facebook business page into a major revenue building resource. We will show you how to integrate:




Photo Contests


and more

What’s more, we have developed methods to keep those floods of customers coming back to you. Just check out some of the testimonials from small businesses who tried Vionic.

Isn’t it time to take your small business to that next level?

Before we sign off, get The Ultimate 10 Step Guide To Tripling Sales Using Facebook. This in depth ebook can give you some great tips once you do have your Facebook business page.

As you will discover, Vionic is in the business of helping small businesses succeed.

And, here’s to your success!

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