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How to Stay Focused at Work

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Finding it hard to stay focused at work? A 4-hour shift is one thing, but for those with 8-10 hour workdays, it’s normal if your focus to get a little blurred.

How to stay focused at work - Vionic tips

We’re human and prone to distractions, so maintaining full focus for long periods of time can be quite the overreaching goal.

Check out our tips on how to stay focused at work to help make the day more productive.

Set clear and manageable goals.

Determine what needs to be done for the day or even week. Put these tasks in order by priority. If you can, spread out your tasks that may take longer.

For example, if you have four one-hour tasks and four 20-minute tasks to complete for the day, mix them up, so you won’t be so drained from doing four long tasks in a row.

Take breaks.

Taking breaks isn’t a bad thing. In fact, it helps us to refocus on the next task at hand. If we work nonstop, we are more likely to become tired, antsy and unfocused.

Try taking a Pandora or social media break in between projects as a reward for completion.

You can even try setting a timer. For example, you can power through 45 minutes, then take a five-minute break before powering through the next 45.

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You’ll find that this may help you to stay productive for longer periods.

Stay comfortable.

If you’re uncomfortable, chances are that you won’t have a good day no matter where you are.

Are you suffering from frostbite at the office because your boss, who seems to have a body temperature that’s 20 degrees above normal, controls the centralized air? You may want to look into getting a space heater.

Are you suffering from backaches, neck soreness and wrist pains from hunching over your laptop all day? Check out The Roost, a laptop stand designed to prop your laptop up to eye height to prevent having to hunch over your screen.

While stuff like this may appear to be an extra assignment to worry about, it’s amazing how these little things can prove so beneficial to our workday.

Bring snacks.

Ever notice that if you’re starving, it seems to be all you can think about? Most people can be rendered useless when hungry.

Eat a good breakfast before work and bring snacks to hold you off if you get hungry before your lunch hour.

Less focus on food means more focus on work.

Remember to eat healthy. Eating junk may cause you to feel lethargic, which means you won’t be able to get as much done.

Ask questions.

Sometimes the question isn’t how to stay focused at work, but rather what specifically to stay focused on? Concentrating on multiple things can get frustrating because you’re not sure about what specific path you should be taking.

Not sure if you’re on the right track for a project? Don’t hesitate to ask questions. Not only will this show that you’re serious about your work, but it also can help cut the time it takes for completion by providing you with the insight you need to move forward.

By cutting completion time, you’ll have more time in the day or week to finish more projects.

Use these tips to stay focused throughout the workweek. Share them with your co-workers and let us know if they helped to promote a more productive atmosphere.

Remember, these tips will not only help you stay focused, but it may also help get you that promotion you’ve been wanting!

Got more tips on how to stay focused at work? Share with us in the comments below.

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