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How to Use Social Media For Business

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Are you getting the full advantages of social media in your business? Do you measure the revenues social sites are providing? Or do you just post and hope for the best?

As a small business owner, you probably do not have the ways or means to finance an expensive television ad or market via billboards like the corporate giants do.

But you do have the advantage of social media and many would say that by using it properly, a business can generate more business than those television ads. After all, more and more people are turning off the television and turning on:

  • Facebook
  • Pinterest
  • Twitter
  • Linkedin
  • SnapChat
  • Instagram
  • and many others

We support small businesses here at Vionic, so I am going to provide you with many tips, tricks, and advice on how to use social media in your business.

Maybe you think you are doing quite well with your small business social media campaigns… I commend you, but no matter what, we can always do better. So scroll down and learn a few other ideas to take your small business social media marketing to a whole new level.

How To Use Social Media In Your Business: Use The 1 In 5 System

Have you ever watched as a business does nothing but promote themselves on each and every post on social media.

What is your impression of that business?

They do not offer any valuable content, just “splashing” their product or service on our news feeds. These same companies wonder why so many people are unfollowing them.

It is okay to promote your product or service, but I recommend only doing so in 1 out of every 5 posts. Those other posts should be used to share valuable content in the form of blog posts, images, videos, etc…

Yes, you can still subtly promote your brand in these, but ensure your followers are receiving content they will gain value from.

How To Use Social Media In Your Business: Develop Relationships With Influencers

Instead of asking yourself who, and how many followers does my business have, ask yourself “Who am I following and interacting with?”

Just following and engaging with social media influencers can boost your business reputation in huge ways.

You may look for popular users who write about the industry you are in, have a business that coincides with your business or are leaders over a large percentage of your target market.

Be sure and interact with them by commenting and liking posts that relate to you and your business. Believe me, as users see your comments, they will be tempted to look closer at your profile and follow you too.

How To Use Social Media In Your Business: Let Them See Behind The Curtain

Give your social media followers a sense of importance. Show them the product before you launch it via images or video. Allow them to comment on the packaging.

You could even take your social media followers on a virtual walk-through of your operations with video. And introduce them to your team.

This method gives your social media friends and followers a sense of ownership. You will be amazed as to how many shares you get.

How To Use Social Media In Your Business: Deliver Content On A Consistent Basis

You should plan a content strategy so you are posting consistently on your social media platforms. So many small businesses are not getting all the social media benefits they could just because they are inconsistent.

If you make a plan to post once every day, many of your followers will be looking forward to those posts. But if you start missing days, they will find another business who posts regularly.

How To Use Social Media In Your Business: Choose One Platform And Master It Before Starting Another

There are so many various social media platforms and you can quickly get overwhelmed by trying to set up and manage your brand presence on all of them.

It’s been my opinion that you should choose one platform and get it mastered before you work with another social media platform.

So which platform should you start with?

It does really depend on the type of business you have. In some cases, a business may see Linkedin or Google+ as the location they should first focus on. But if you measure sheer numbers and engagement, Facebook makes the most sense.

Now I will say that once you have mastered one, you need to make your moves on another social media platform. I would even go as far to say, you should probably grab your business page at all immediately.

How To Use Social Media In Your Business: Format Your Content For That Platform

Once you are using more than 1 social media platform, you must use different formats for your content. You will not format a post on Facebook the same way you do on Twitter.

This essentially comes down to previewing the content before you post it. And do keep in mind that once you put a link into Facebook, Google+ or Linkedin and the system pulls up the article, you can erase that ugly web address in the text as the post can still be clicked and take the reader to your website.

How To Use Social Media In Your Business: Ask For Images

Again, this depends on your product or service but some small businesses have had a “hit” by simply asking customers to post pictures of them using the product.

You may want to try this method but make sure you have your settings where you must approve posts before they go live.

By not doing so, you may get a prankster uploading an image that could damage your brand and reputation.

You could even run photo contests. We have found contests like that are great for small businesses.

How To Use Social Media In Your Business: Use Polls

You can find out about social media users and their needs and wants just by running polls. And in doing so, you can capture their contact information so you can approach them with other offers in the future.

We have shown other businesses how to integrate polls into their social media campaigns with fantastic results.

Can we help you?

How To Use Social Media In Your Business: Delegate Or Contract Your Business On Social Media

I would like to tell you that managing your business on social media is quick and easy, but I would be giving you false information.

And this is why many small businesses have not had good luck with marketing on social media. Managing other aspects of the business and adding in social media management can be nearly impossible for one person.

I suggest you either delegate social media management to 1 or 2 employees or do like many other small businesses have done… Contract social media management to a freelancer you can trust.

How To Use Social Media In Your Business: Interact

When someone comments on one of your social media posts, it is imperative that you respond.

Use that like button and respond in a positive fashion.

So what if the comment is negative?

Here is where you have 2 choices in my opinion.

You can respond without debating and just ask why they feel the way they do and working on a method to solve the negative attitude.

You can delete that comment. (sometimes this is the best method to just keep everything positive, but you may want to still private message the person to see how you can change their impression.)

Don’t let your social media posts become one-sided without your response or people will stop commenting on them.

How To Use Social Media In Your Business: Do Not Expect All Content To Be Popular Or Go Viral

Believe me when I tell you, there will be posts that you believe will go viral that will only be liked by 50, 60 or 70 people.

You will be posting another piece of content you have no faith in and suddenly you have 2,345 likes 2 hours later.

Don’t try to predict because social media users are unpredictable in many ways.

I do suggest you repost content at different times and days. Sometimes people just do not see them in their news feed.

How To Use Social Media In Your Business: Coupons For Likes

Once a person likes your page on Facebook, your posts will come in their news feed. So it helps to get likes and a great way to achieve that is to give people a coupon if the like your page.

So how exactly do you set that up?

It does take some coding skills and we have mastered this at Vionic. We can help you set up a coupon campaign and get more social media likes along with more sales. After all, most people will not go after a coupon unless they plan to buy.

Just click here and see how we can help you with a coupon promotion.

How To Use Social Media In Your Business: Cross-Promote With Businesses Directly Related

Why not network with other businesses and share each other’s content?

Businesses can help each other… As an example, let’s say a Bridal Gown business “hooks up” with a Wedding Cake Bakery and makes a deal to promote a post from the other business once per week.

Not only are the readers getting some varied content, the cross-promotion can bring more revenues for both businesses.

How To Use Social Media In Your Business: Be Helpful In Ways That Do Not Provide Revenue To Your Business

Some entrepreneurs may think I am crazy for saying this but when you help others with no benefit to you, that act will come full circle.

Some entrepreneurs have discovered they can learn so much about their followers and potential customers, that by visiting their profile page and looking at recent posts, many of these followers have posted a problem they are having.

“I’m trying to grow tomatoes, but the rabbits are eating the plants.”

So you own a gym that has nothing to do with gardening, but your Grandma taught you years ago how she solved that problem. So… using your business page you post the way to solve the problem.

“Hi (name), I just saw your problem and my Grandma (RIP) showed me how to keep those pesky rabbits away from the tomatoes. Just plant marigolds around the border and rabbits won’t trespass. Hope that helps you!”

So, when that follower is ready to get a gym membership or someone asks them about good gyms, who do you think they will remember?

How To Use Social Media In Your Business: Do Not Neglect Considering Paid Advertising

And lastly, you may want to consider running some paid advertising campaigns via your social media channels.

You can run ads or boost posts and the costs are minimal.


Social media is the small business way to market and keep pace with large corporations.

Vionic has helped many small businesses start generating customers using social media. If you are ready to generate customers on Facebook and want our help, just click here.

Before I go, I want to give you one more item of great value: The Ultimate 10 Step Guide To Tripling Sales Using Facebook.

We are here to help you send your small business into massive success using social media. Just ask below if you have any questions.

Thank you.

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