How Your Business Can Capitalize on Facebook Search
Jun 21

How Your Business Can Capitalize on Facebook Search

Written by Brad Roberts

Just last year, Facebook’s improved Social Graph search function enabled more opportunities that are beneficial to both customers and businesses. Through this, it became much easier for most Facebook users to tap in to their social networks to find the content they’re interested in.

What does this mean for a business and what convenience does it offer to users? It means that if you want to know the restaurant that your friends visited and shared on your own timeline, you can do so by simply pulling out that post from the enormous collection of information on your Facebook Page using this function.

That’s the convenience of the improved Facebook Search. In taking a look at it on a business perspective, you will wonder how you can capitalize on this function.

Here’s what you can do:

1. Make Sure that All Content Produced are Shareable

People today have learned to practice a new trend concerning content. They tend to abandon original content now and simply focus on Facebook along with other social media platforms.

Most readers now work on filtering out irrelevant news and are just focused on what is shared and reposted. Even creators of content published blog articles on social media promote it to enable sharing. This in return drives traffic back to the original source.

As a conclusion, it is still a primary requirement to produce articles that are relevant. However, these articles must also be shareable now to enable traffic.

What you need to keep in mind here is that, if users further rely on Facebook Search then it now becomes a must to make all your produced content shareable. You can do that by adding sharing buttons on the content to be published and write ones that may strongly trigger intense emotions from the readers.

2. Get Your Website Mobile Optimized

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You already know that most Facebook users now are using their mobiles to access their profile to connect with friends, share and post updates. Take advantage of that as well.

Make sure that when your target audience clicks on your published content on their mobile phones and are redirected to your website, your site is also mobile optimized for their convenience.

Also, it is important to bring on anything that is easy and quick to digest. This is one of the top ways on how you can capitalize on Facebook Search.

3. Integrate Facebook Into Your Organization’s Omnichannel and Communication Strategy

Consumers now use different channels before they make their purchase. They visit review sites, check items through mobile applications, ask recommendations and even consult their own social network on the social networking site before they make a purchasing decision.

Considering that, soon enough this social networking site will develop into a fantastic channel where discussion about brands and products can take place. That is one potential and beneficial that the improved Facebook Search allows.

In any case, it becomes a must to integrate Facebook into the organization’s omnichannel and communications management strategy.

The introduction of this new search engine function has provided news ways that business can take advantage of to interact with customers. Hence, it is only worth to take full advantage for your business growth.

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