Shocking Plans For Facebook Pages…And How They Will Affect You
Apr 25
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Shocking Plans For Facebook Pages…And How They Will Affect You

Written by Chanel Castro

It seems that Facebook plans to continue reducing the organic reach of Pages. From the last publicly disclosed figure of 16% in the summer of 2012, the organic reach dropped down to 12% and now sits at 6% as of February 2014.

Facebook Organic Reach Drops

According to tech blog Valleywag, Facebook plans to decrease even further and eventually drop to 1% or 2%.

So what does this mean for the 15 million brands on Facebook?

“Like many mediums, if businesses want to make sure that people see their content, the best strategy is, and always has been, paid advertising,” said a Facebook spokeswoman.

Facebook generated $7 billion in ad revenue in 2013 and this amount is predicted to jump to $10.8 billion this year.

What do you think? Will brands succumb to the organic reach decline and pay up or find other ways to boost traffic on the social network?

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