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Social Media Marketing for Salons: The Do’s and Dont’s

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Social media marketing techniques differ between salons, some are using the latest techniques and best practices but many fall short. A large percentage of salon businesses tend to break all the rules and ignore the fundamentals of social media marketing.

More than likely, those salon owners are wondering why business is slow.

Proficiency in social media marketing is something we are always mastering at Vionic. After all, we have discovered that social media marketing for small businesses such as salons, can be as profitable as an expensive commercial that you may run on television.

To give you an insight on proper social media marketing, we are providing you with a comprehensive set of do’s and don’ts.

Social Media Marketing Do: Re-purpose Content

If you wrote a blog post a month ago about nail-care methods and shared a portion of that post on your social media with a call to action, there is nothing wrong with re-purposing that content. Just share a different portion of the post or switch up the photo from the original post.

By doing this, you can use the same content but highlight different areas.

Social Media Marketing Don’t: Push Like On Your Own Post

This is a common error made by small businesses in their social media marketing. You can come off as egotistical and will drive people away instead of attracting them.

There is nothing wrong with asking your salon employees to share and like the content you posted, just don’t hit the like button yourself. But when you receive comments, you should push the like button on those if they are positive.

Social Media Marketing Do: Share A Video

Sharing a video of the inside of your salon and your friendly employees always goes over well on social media. Or a video of the various nails you have done recently.

Many potential customers on social media enjoy watching short videos. Just add a call to action, your website address or even your physical address and phone number to the bottom of the video.

Social Media Marketing Don’t: Try To Use All Social Networks

It may be tempting to sign up for every social network you can find. But will you have the time to consistently post to each social network?

We suggest you master one social network before you add another. And it is wise to keep your social presence to three or four networks so you can consistently post. Some options for you to consider are:



Google +






and many others

It can be a difficult decision, but we recommend getting started by using the biggest… Facebook.

Social Media Marketing Do: Experiment

There have been studies upon studies when the best days and times to post on social media. But what study would be the correct one for your salon? There are so many variables.


Average age group



Instead of trying to tell you what time and days to post, it is much better that you just experiment. Keep track of the posts getting the most engagement what time and day they were posted.

Use the data you collect to determine the best posting times for your salon.

Social Media Marketing Don’t: Try To Please Everyone

Here is another temptation that can be difficult for small business owners. Naturall, as a salon owner, you love pleasing people. But if you try to be everything for everyone, you will only find a large brick wall in front of you.

It just doesn’t work. So do what you do best.

Social Media Marketing Do: Use The 80/20 Rule

Only 20% of the content you post on social media should be directly promotional. That would consist of coupons, daily deals, freebies or showing off a new service.

The other 80% should be focused on building relationships and brand awareness. You can subtly promote, but with an educational tone.

Social Media Marketing Don’t: Be Negative

No matter what issues are nagging at you, your salon social media account is not the place to voice them. Some poor examples of negative posts would be:

Posting about a terrible traffic jam… “Wow, traffic was THE WORST today. They must be out to get their nails done.”

Or having a fight with your spouse… “My husband said I could keep the salon open two hours more tonight. He said he would make his own dinner. Come and get your nails done.”

Social media isn’t a good place to air your grievances, especially on your business pages. Keep it positive and you will see fantastic results.

Social Media Marketing Do: Use Polls

You can find out a lot about what your potential customers want just by polling them.

What music would you want to hear when you come to the nail salon?

What would you like at your salon that most don’t have/do?


It is an excellent method to find out the next product or service you will add to your salon. And it gives you an extra special marketing message when you do integrate what the poll stats said.

Our recent poll said you wanted ___ when you visit a salon. Guess what!!! We have it. So come on down!

We have a great system for developing polls for your social media marketing. Check it out.

Social Media Marketing Don’t: Debate

Getting into a heated debate on social media will not help your image at all, even if you are right.

It is okay to politely disagree with something said and just explain (in a non threatening way) your reasoning.

If the person continues to try debating the point, just drop it and post something positive.

Social Media Marketing Do: Share Other People’s Material

At times you may find a post or article that fits right into the overall message you convey on social media.

There is nothing wrong with sharing other material on your social media. Do not do so a lot, but every once in awhile, and you will likely draw other followers who did not know about your salon.

Social Media Marketing Don’t: Talk About “Hot” Subjects

We all have our political and religious opinions, but our business social media accounts are not a wise location to post those views. You probably do not want to lose a customer just because they have a different stance.

To be clear… Business, Politics and Religion do not mix well in social media marketing. Stay clear!

Social Media Marketing Do: Answer All Questions

Any and all questions sent to you must be answered. It doesn’t matter if the question is sent privately or in a comment, it needs to be answered. Even if you do not know the answer, research the answer and respond accordingly.

Social Media Marketing Don’t: Delete All Negative Comments Or Reviews

In a perfect world, every customer that enters your salon would walk out completely satisfied. But the world isn’t perfect.

There may be over-the-top negative comments that should be deleted. But do not delete all negative comments or reviews. It looks much better if you reach out to that person publicly and apologize along with offering to “make it right.”

By handling situations this way, you show other potential customers that you are willing to go as far as it takes to ensure the customer is completely satisfied.

Social Media Marketing Do: Use Images

When we look at social media posts, images draw our immediate attention. Don’t be shy with using images with your posts!

If you are not using your own photographs, make sure they are free to use. It is illegal to just grab a picture from anywhere on the internet and assume you can use it.

Social Media Marketing Don’t: Use Bad Grammar

You should proofread every post before hitting publish. While mistakes will happen, you do not want bad grammar to be a common mistake.

The embarrassment of having a high school English teacher confronting you on a business post can put your brain into a tailspin.

Social Media Marketing Do: Use Your Profile Completely

Get the most bang you can out of your salon business profile. Use a professional profile picture and a great banner image.

Changing the banner image on a regular basis can be helpful too.

Make sure you link your website and fill out the bio section completely. Tell an interesting story in the about section.

Maximize the space. Remember that anyone who clicks on your social media profiles will be led to this page. You want them impressed when they enter.

Social Media Marketing Don’t: Use Like-Baiting Techniques

This has become a common occurrence on social media by marketers. The idea is to use some outrageous headline that draws attention and when someone clicks, they are led to content that has nothing to do with the headline. Often, that content is mediocre at best.

Even worse is that headline leading to a capture page that also has nothing to do with the text posted.

It is called like-baiting because many people will push like without clicking just from the headline.

It is unethical and misleading. It will give your business a bad reputation and could rank your business page as spam.

Social Media Marketing Do: Use Tools And Keep Learning

Just as you are reading today’s post to learn various techniques and strategies to gain the most from your small business social media profiles, don’t ever assume that you know it all.

Social media is always changing and new methods to market are coming to light on a regular basis.

There are many tools that can help you get the most from your social media marketing.

Share buttons on your website so people will share your content on their social media pages.

Canva is a free image editing program that will allow you to develop post images, infographics and much more.

Piktochart is another great application that you can use to develop professional infographics.

And of course here at Vionic, we can help you run stunning social media marketing campaigns using

Daily deals



Photo contests


and more

You can see more here.

Don’t let your salon social media marketing go stagnate; keep learning and growing and your business will reap the benefits.

One Last Social Media Marketing Do: Have Fun!

When you show your social media fans and followers you are having fun, they will want to have fun with you.


They will come to your fun location, your salon.

Give them that fun invitation on your social media and let the party begin!


Did you enjoy reading this post as much as I enjoyed writing it?

Leave a comment below and tell us about it.

By the way, I have something for you. Enjoy this ebook we developed that will give you even more assistance with your social media marketing: The Ultimate 10 Step Guide To Tripling Sales Using Facebook.

Have a great day!

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