The 9 Facebook Marketing Mistakes Most Small Businesses Make That Repel Customers
Aug 31
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The 9 Facebook Marketing Mistakes Most Small Businesses Make That Repel Customers

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Your small business has a reputation to uphold. It is imperative that mistakes are kept to a minimum, especially social media marketing mistakes… Facebook marketing mistakes!

What many business owners do not realize is, an offline mistake can create a small buzz of negative comments to the people that person comes in contact with, but when Facebook marketing mistakes are made, thousands upon thousands of people will see that mistake.

It just isn’t worth it, so…

We are going to provide you with 9 Facebook marketing mistakes that many small businesses are making. These mistakes are repelling customers.

You see, here at Vionic, we have researched Facebook marketing deeply, and we have discovered what entices and what repels. 

If you know what the mistakes are, you will be more attentive to your social media marketing efforts, and will be less apt to commit these errors.

#1: Being A Broadcaster

This is absolutely the top mistake small businesses make on Facebook. And small businesses are not the only ones making this error, large corporations have been known to commit the same mistake.

Sure, there will be moments when you can broadcast your message, but just occasionally. If you have a special sale, there is nothing wrong with broadcasting that sale on Facebook. But the majority of posts need to be informative and educative.

Facebook users get frustrated with the broadcasting marketing method on Facebook because they hear it on the radio and see it on television daily. These people accept it on those areas because they know they are forced to if they want to listen or watch the particular show they have tuned in on.

They do not have to accept broadcast marketing on Facebook. And these people can still see or watch what they want even if they click the unlike button on a small business Facebook page.

Instead of broadcasting to Facebook users, provide them with valuable information and help them solve their problems. And add a call to action. You will entice the Facebook crowd instead of repelling them.

#2: Relying Strictly On Facebook

Vionic_content_The 9 Facebook Marketing Mistakes Most Small Businesses Make That Repel Customers_tip 2

When asking a small business owner where their website is located and they exclaim, “Oh, we don’t have a website, just a Facebook page,” we realize immediately why they are not gaining the revenues they have set goals for.

Facebook IS a marketing medium and should not be the primary tool.

Small businesses should have a website!

A small business who states that cutting costs by not having a website is similar to a person having a house constructed and cutting costs by not installing a kitchen sink.

Your Facebook marketing goal should be to have potential customers click away from Facebook to your website where you will have their undivided attention.

When you research small business domain registration and hosting, there are some great bargains. You do not necessarily need all the “bells and whistles” starting off. But having a well-designed website is just wise business.

#3: Not Setting Goals And Measuring Results

Vionic_content_The 9 Facebook Marketing Mistakes Most Small Businesses Make That Repel Customers_tip 3

Without any goals in place, it will be difficult to achieve anything. When it comes to Facebook marketing, you must set clearly defined goals.

  • We want to get 50 new Facebook business page likes every 3 days.
  • Our goal is to drive business up on our slowest day, Wednesday.
  • We would like 10 more orders from our online site daily from our Facebook marketing.
  • Etc…

Now that you have a goal set, you will want to measure the results. Measuring Facebook likes is not difficult. You could set a Facebook coupon for a percentage off on Wednesday only and something similar for the online ordering.

Measure results and adjust your Facebook marketing systems until you achieve your goals.

#4: Not Being Consistent

This is a common Facebook marketing mistake small businesses make.

You cannot build a Facebook business page and just post every once in awhile and expect results. On Facebook, consistency counts!

We suggest that you set a Facebook posting schedule. As you become consistent with valuable information, your Facebook fans will become “addicted” to seeing them and when you integrate a coupon or deal, they will be more apt to visit your website to see more.

We do suggest you find days and times to post on Facebook when you get the most engagement. It may take some testing, but when you discover those slots, be sure and post regularly.

#5: Not Responding

Vionic_content_The 9 Facebook Marketing Mistakes Most Small Businesses Make That Repel Customers_tip 7

Facebook is a social site for a reason, people want to be social. So when a person comments on your Facebook business page post, it is only right that you respond. Especially if it is of a negative connotation. And I don’t mean debating with the person, but finding out how you can turn that negative into a positive.

Facebook users often assume that business posts are done via automatic systems. So when a real person responds to their comments, it creates a new outlook and they are more willing to build a relationship which will potentially lead to revenues in the future for your business.

#6: Being Predictable

If you follow major league baseball at all, you know that the best pitchers are unpredictable. Will he throw:

  • The high speed fastball?
  • Or maybe that nasty slider?
  • He could slip in that change-up,
  • and follow up with the curve ball.

Your Facebook marketing strategy needs to be similar to the major league pitcher. Keep the Facebook followers wondering what will be next:

  • A cool video
  • Maybe a DIY post
  • That image looks fantastic
  • Did you see their infographic?

Keep your Facebook fans on their toes wondering what your next post will consist of and you will not repel customers, you will attract them.

#7: Copying The Competition

Just because your competitor is using a marketing technique that seems to be drawing them huge revenues does not mean that same technique will work for you. More than likely, if you try to use the exact same approach, you will lose followers.


Because they followed you and not your competitor. They saw a uniqueness and if you “bow down” to copying the competitor’s marketing technique, that unique quality will be lost in the minds of your fans.

Now don’t get us wrong; you can learn from your competition and use a similar approach. But make it your own. Make it unique and by all means, add benefits and value the competitor doesn’t have.

#8: Not Optimizing Your Facebook Business Page

It is a must that you optimize your Facebook business pages.

Remember that people will be visiting those pages and if they seem unprofessional, these people will assume your business operates in the same fashion.

Some key factors in optimizing your Facebook business page are:

  • Have high quality images. Your profile picture could be your logo or some other image that is distinctive and will be immediately associated with your brand. The cover image can be nearly anything that reflects your business or products. Just ensure it is superb quality.
  • Get a vanity Facebook URL. This will make it easier for Facebook users searching for your business. You can only change it once, and can do so at Facebook User Name Account Settings.
  • Ensure your business is in the right category.
  • Fill out the complete about section. Make sure that anyone who visits your Facebook business page can easily read and understand all about your business (location, working hours, primary products/services, etc…).
  • Utilize Facebook apps. Facebook has various apps you can integrate into your business page. A newsletter sign up, various call to action buttons, a map to your location, and many others. You can feature some apps on your Facebook business page.

#9: Buying Likes

It behooves us why any business would assume that buying Facebook likes will help their business.

Yes, some Facebook users will examine the number of likes a page has but they may also start looking at the profiles of the people who actually like your business page.

When a business buys Facebook likes, they will normally get likes from profiles that are nowhere near their target market.

Case in point, let’s say your business sells supplies that help elderly people walk and get around easier. And the retired gentleman decides to look at some of the people who have liked your page. He wants to find out how they feel about your products, but when he looks, 70% of the likes are people under 20 years old and 40% of them live in India.


Do you think he will visit your website?

And if he sends a private message to one of these followers, what do you think the response will be?

No, it isn’t wise to buy Facebook likes.

For Those Small Businesses Who Have Already Made The Mistakes: How To Fix Them

Okay, so you have read through this post and suddenly realize you are, or have made one or more of these mistakes.

There may be some damage, but it can be fixed.

Let’s go in order and tell you some ways to mend and repair Facebook small business marketing mistakes.

Mistake #1 – Broadcasting

Yes, this mistake my have cost your small business some serious damage, but it can be repaired. Our suggestion is a semi-Facebook re-branding. Tell the Facebook crowd you are going to provide them with beneficial posts going forward.

And start doing so.

Give them valuable content and you should see a new outlook on your small business. It may take time. One great method that does work is creating a Facebook poll. If you need help, we have used polls to build brand reputation with great success. See more here.

Mistake #2 – Facebook Reliance

This is actually a simple fix but will entail a small investment.

Find a domain name for your small business and simply buy hosting. Building a website has become easier. You can use WordPress and develop a professional website in a short time.

Once you have your website, be sure it is in your Facebook small business page.

Mistake #3 – Goal Setting and Measuring Results

Simply put, Just Do It!

This can be somewhat time consuming, so you may want to delegate the results measuring to an employee you know can do so accurately.

Mistake #4 – Consistency

The best way to solve this mistake is to sit down and develop a social media posting plan. Again, this is an area you may want to delegate.

Follow the plan religiously and you will see more followers and engagement.

Mistake #5 – Responding

Not to sound like a broken record, but just start responding.

Many small business owners also delegate this area after properly training people on how to respond.

Mistake #6 – Predictability

This is actually an easy fix.

Just get creative and post something out of the ordinary. Add a You’ve Got To See This and watch as your followers and fans get fired up.

You will find this a lot of fun; just make sure your posts do not cross boundaries that could hurt your reputation.

Mistake #7 – Copying

There is nothing wrong with keeping an eye on the competitor and learning from them. But using their same method is NOT the answer.

Get creative and be you. That is what your fans want.

Mistake #8 – Optimization

It must be said again… Just make it happen!

We would go so far to say, do it as soon as your finish reading this post.

Mistake #9 – Buying Likes

If you have already committed this error, it would be a good time to clean the slate.

Go through all your likes and delete any who you know came from the purchase.

If you are not sure, private message the person and asked how they like your product or service. The response should enlighten you.


We all have made mistakes, so don’t feel it is a business destroyer. Facebook marketing mistakes can be fixed.

Vionic has helped small businesses grow their revenues using Facebook. We would love to help you. Just click here to see more.

As an added benefit, we want to send you The Ultimate 10 Step Guide To Tripling Sales Using Facebook.

Just comment below and we will get it to you.

Thanks for stopping in today. We are glad to help you get your social marketing into a profitable zone.

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